Asset Management

Asset Management


Norma Franck Asset Management is your trusted partner in Costa Del Sol and Spain when it comes to creating property value services. Our comprehensive approach involves acquiring, expertly managing, monitoring appreciation, and ultimately reselling properties on your behalf throughout the investment cycle. With our dedicated team and in-depth market knowledge, we maximize the potential of your real estate investments, ensuring you benefit from the full spectrum of property value creation opportunities in Marbella. We simply add value.


Our services and business cycle: 

I, Aquire, – Our portfolios are put together with the markets best properties and inventory, that we keep updated on monthly basis. We acquire best calculated properties for capital preservation, expected appreciation and dividend in our clients portfolios.

II, Management – we mange, monitor and fill the property with key services for our clients and their best interest. Our key feature is that we service the clients with the use of the property for ongoing business and availability for your colleges, collaborators promotion use or personal and staff availability. We work dedicated to maintain the value and maximizing the rental and dividend income for your portfolio.

III, Transactions – Our objective is to serve and manage your asset portfolio to fulfill the main purpose of capital preservation, over time appreciation, value add growth and transaction intensity. We simply build, buy, hold and sell at best occasion.

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