Norma Franck X Gymleco

Norma Franck X Gymleco

Introducing Gymleco – leading fitness equipment

We are excited to announce our new collaboration with Gymleco – a leading fitness equipment manufacturer. This partnership shows our joint passion for innovation and dedication to delivering exceptional products and services.

The decision to collaborate with Gymleco comes from our commitment to provide exceptional gym equipment in our projects as well as a positive work environment for our team. By integrating Gymleco’s renowned gym equipment into our new office space, Norma Franck aims to create an inspiring and energizing atmosphere that encourages physical activity and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Who are Gymleco?

Gymleco is a family owned Swedish brand established in 1994. We are today the largest designer and manufacturer of gym equipment in northern Europe. We are present in over 40 countries and have over 35 distributors worldwide.


What makes your brand special?

We put quality first. Our gym machines and equipment are made of high quality materials. This to make sure that our gym equipment is durable and can sustain hard training for many years to come. Our machines also have a small footprint which means that you can fit many more machines in the same area whether it is big or small. By choosing Gymleco you therefore make a sustainable choice. Gym machines with a long lifespan and no unnecessary materials.


Who can benefit from your equipment?

We cater to everything from big commercial gyms, to small box gyms and home gyms. Since our equipment is easy to ship and have a long life span you can always feel assured that the Gymleco equipment you buy will be a good investment.


What is you vision?

Our vision is to have a more sustainable and healthier world. The machines follow the body’s natural movements with the correct resistance curve during the whole exercise. This to make sure that you get the most out of your exercise. We have a clean and simplistic design without any complex settings. Which not only makes the gym machines look great in any environment, it also makes sure that the users easily understand how to use the machines when training.

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