2.310.000 €
REF. Number
2 bed
2 bath
Built area
200.55 sqm
Terrace area
85.98 sqm

In the search for light and with the concept of life in mind, this development was conceived as a trapezoidal building that opens towards the sea. Like a bird spreading its wings to take flight, the spaces and rooms look towards the Mediterranean through large picture windows. The narrowest side of the building faces the land, in search for connection with the interior.

The choice of each detail of the architecture and design follows the the development´s philosophy. Wood, marble, and glass are the predominant materials and are of the highest quality. They spring from the apartments’ interiors to completely encase the building’s exterior.

The glass walls breathe freedom, weightlessness, and fluidity. The marble provides the wisdom, tranquillity, and strength of one who knows that an investment in property is a hope for the futu- re. The wood connects us with nature, with life’s capacity for creation, and with the warmth this material kindles in the surroundings.

Nature and architecture meld together to create spaces that understand art as a way of life. From the first Mesopotamian structures, nature has been a source of inspiration for architects throughout the ages.

Design that reproduces the shapes, textures, and sensations that nature evokes is a trend in contemporary architecture now more than ever.

In its path towards the light, it represents creation and birth. It reflects the growth and joy of youth through water, greenery, and opening up to the world.

But most of all, the aesthetic sensation that Ikkil Bay seeks to transmit is the wisdom and tranquillity that is earned with maturity. The balance of all its elements and the connection to nature make it a place where time seems to stand still.

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